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We Are
Wargaming for a Cause

Play for a Purpose. Every Game, a Story. Every Player, a Friend. Every Move, Charity.

Warhammer game

About the Project

This idea was born initially out of going to GTs (Grand Tournaments) and noticing that kids and spouses were practically bored. While the events are fun for the players, the kids and spouses are often left to their own devices and typically bored because its usually held at a hotel, and making the trip itself is already expensive. (flying, hotel room, ticket, luggage, planning, etc.) So I wanted to hold a GT event where kids and spouses can have fun while us nerds play our games. And then afterwards, the idea of making a non-profit company hosting this event for charity was a natural fit after being inspired by a similar event held in someone's garage for charity.


And so, it just came to be. I started sharing my idea, people jumped on board and were excited about it and it just snowballled from there.

Our Founders

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