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Join our Cause today to power change. Your contributions, big or small, directly fuel our commitment to local charities in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Join us in making a positive difference through the power of tabletop war games. Every donation counts.

Ways to Make a Change

Here are Ways You Can Help

Play in one of our events!
Your ticket help fund our activities and allows us to grow and donate even more to charities!

Donate your gear!

Hobby supplies and tools are expensive, by donating your hobby gear, or miniatures, we can repurpose them as prizes, raffles, or to be used in one of our events. Plus you'll make space for that new miniature you've been eyeing!

Volunteer your unique skills!
We know that as a community, we are stronger together. Help us by volunteering your unique skillsets to our community cause! Whether its photography, video recording, BBQ, Helping us set up, Painting, or connecting us with someone you know. Every action helps.

For more information email us:

Donations help us fulfill our mission. Donate through the PayPal button below.

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